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Pocketeers Shop Dispaly

Jon Culshaw – Pocketeers (Palitoy, 1975)

Jon CulshawJon (@jonculshaw) is one of our most loved impressionists and comedians. Best known for his ability to transport those of us of a certain age back to our childhoods with his Tom Baker impression, Jon is also a huge fan of that particular decade’s automobiles, owning a Ford Mk3 Cortina and gorgeous Mk1 Granada Coupe. In his story, Jon recalls a time when ‘apps’ still existed in the real world.

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Recreation of original box art with my own kids.

Dallas Campbell – Chutes Away (Gabriel Toys, 1977)

Dallas CampbellDallas is one of the most versatile and well travelled factual presenters working in the industry. He has filmed in some of the most extraordinary & challenging locations all over the world. When not investigating life, the universe and everything, he enjoys cooking, scuba diving, free diving an is an accomplished amateur magician. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of space suits, the periodic table, Alan Partridge, and the films of Werner Herzog. Although most of his spare time is spent cleaning up after his two children. In his story, Dallas takes us back to a time more watercolour than HD.

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Lazerbeak and Soundwave

Neil Gardner – Lazerbeak (Tomy, 1984)

Neil GardnerLover of sci-fi and comedy, reader of books, Neil has worked in professional radio for 25 years, with experience of the music management, music publishing, PR and I.T. industries along the way. He is now Managing Director of Ladbroke Audio where he produces, among many other things, Doctor Who Audiobooks. In his story, Neil talks about how his passion for radio crossed over into his love of toys.

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Al Terry with Ram Man

Al Terry – Ram Man (Mattel, 1983)

Al TerryIn real life, a mild mannered locksmith and safe cracker, on the interwebs, Al Terry is better known as Fudgecrumpet, the kind of wretched, selfie­taking, thirty­something man that has an opinion about everything and occasionally uses caps lock to EMPHASISE HIS SELFRIGHTEOUSNESS. He has a blog which is steadily improving as he works out how to use the spell­checker, and from time to time, he is known to do funny pictures for The Poke, and videos on YouTube that nobody watches. He also has a beard. In his story, Al talks about the charm of a terrible toy.

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Tracy King – Junior Tool Box (Bigjigs Toys, 1985)

Tracy KingTracy King is a producer, writer and consultant. She makes animations, videogames, and most recently produced the bestselling graphic novel Tim Minchin’s Storm. She specialises in popularising science and rationalism, and lives in London with her partner and three cats. In her story, Tracy remembers where her DIY obsession began.

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Roger Highfield – Butterflies & Moths

Roger HighfieldRoger Highfield was born in Wales, raised in north London and became the first person to bounce a neutron off a soap bubble. He was the Science Editor of The Daily Telegraph for two decades and the Editor of New Scientist between 2008 and 2011. Today, he is the Director of External Affairs at the Science Museum Group. In his story, Roger discusses a rather unusual type of childhood ‘toy’.

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Mark's Son playing Tank Attack

Dr. Mark Lewney – 3D Tank Attack (TomyTronic, 1982)

Dr Mark LewneyDr Mark Lewney, the Rock Doctor, winner of the first ever FameLab® competition and guitar physicist blows your ears with rock guitar and blows your mind by Superstring Theory. Mark delivers amazing physics, science and maths shows, talks and presentations for schools and colleges. In his story, Mark reveals the wonder of stepping from a sunny medieval street into a glowing, beeping future.

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Chucky Doll

Kate Robbins – ‘Ingrid’ (Unknown)

Kate Robbins
Kate is an English actress, comedienne, singer and songwriter. In the early 80s she scored a No.2 hit on the UK Charts with the song “More Than in Love“. She went on to become a prolific voice artist, most notably with the satirical show Spitting Image. In her story, Kate reveals how she discovered that both children and plumbers can be cruel.

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Gareth Jones – Chopper (Raleigh, 1970-79)

Gareth JonesGareth Jones was one of the best known faces on Children’s and factual TV for over 20 years. Known as Gaz Top for his first 3 years on television, his breakthrough was hosting “Get Fresh” a live Saturday morning show on ITV. Returning to his real name Gareth Jones, he presented the hit ITV facts and fun show How2 for 16 years between 1989 and 2005. He currently appears on Welsh television channels and also works in the field of cars and motorsport coverage and presents and produces the hit car podcast Gareth Jones On Speed. Here he recounts how his love of vehicles goes waaaaay back to his childhood.

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Gia Milinovich – Play Family School (Fisher-Price, 1930-Present)

Gia MilinovichGia Milinovich describes herself as a comedy lover, science groupie and professional dork. Her interests range from Ancient Egypt to the Apollo Moon landings, from cult films of the 70s and 80s to soft circuits. In her toy story, Gia discovers that despite being a skeptic, she still believes in the magic of toys.

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