Lunartik In A Cup Of Tea (Matt JOnes, 2009)

My love of toys spans many different mediums and none more so than the relatively recent craze of Designer Vinyl. This type of toy is usually identified by its limited quantity and unusual appearance, due partly to its creation by artists and designers.

One of my favourites in this field of ABS plastic is the ‘Lunartik In A Cup Of Tea‘ by Matt JOnes. Matt first conceived of the Lunartik in 2004 and has been producing many different flavours, and sizes, ever since.

Lunartik In A Cup Of Tea

The Lunartik was the first designer toy that I bought and I have been collecting many different versions ever since. Its obvious connections with the hot beverage and ‘uber’ coolness made it the perfect desk accessory for my time as a web designer.

A year or so after my first purchase I had the tremendous good fortune to work with Matt on a charity project that I was organising for Marie Curie Cancer Care. It was an ideal choice for the charities Blooming Great Tea Party campaign and Matt produced a number of custom Lunartik’s for auction and joined in our Twitter #TweaParty via live video stream. To this day I am proud to count Matt as one of my best friends and, despite his remote location, try to keep in contact as regularly as possible.

To find out more about ‘Lunartik In A Cup Of Tea’ and the mind of the man behind it, visit and don’t forget to pick up your very own special brew.

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