Moose Allain – ‘Bombardy’ (Unknown)

Moose AllainMoose is an artist, writer, cartoonist and prolific tweeter. He lives and works in Devon, England. For many years he worked in London as an architect specialising in public consultation & urban regeneration and contributed to the UK´s successful Olympic bid. He moved to the coast in 2006 to concentrate on his art and to have fun by the sea.

In this toy story Moose talks about his struggle with nostalgia and that, despite this, there is still a place for one special toy in his life.
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Test Match Cricket

Chris Owen – Test Match Cricket (Peter Pan Playthings, 1980)

Chris OwenChris is a PR bod specialising in technology and media companies, with a passion for storytelling. Outside of work he writes for CALMzine, a leading charity magazine which aims to tackle the taboo around male mental health. He also writes for the Telegraph Blogs and has done a few pieces for

Chris has also worked with Bletchley Park for a few years and is a passionate supporter of the Trust – most recently co-creating the Alan Turing Monopoly Board. In his toy story Chris recalls how his dream of playing at Lords was realised, albeit in miniature.

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Pocketeers Shop Dispaly

Jon Culshaw – Pocketeers (Palitoy, 1975)

Jon CulshawJon (@jonculshaw) is one of our most loved impressionists and comedians. Best known for his ability to transport those of us of a certain age back to our childhoods with his Tom Baker impression, Jon is also a huge fan of that particular decade’s automobiles, owning a Ford Mk3 Cortina and gorgeous Mk1 Granada Coupe. In his story, Jon recalls a time when ‘apps’ still existed in the real world.

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Recreation of original box art with my own kids.

Dallas Campbell – Chutes Away (Gabriel Toys, 1977)

Dallas CampbellDallas is one of the most versatile and well travelled factual presenters working in the industry. He has filmed in some of the most extraordinary & challenging locations all over the world. When not investigating life, the universe and everything, he enjoys cooking, scuba diving, free diving an is an accomplished amateur magician. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of space suits, the periodic table, Alan Partridge, and the films of Werner Herzog. Although most of his spare time is spent cleaning up after his two children. In his story, Dallas takes us back to a time more watercolour than HD.

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Lazerbeak and Soundwave

Neil Gardner – Lazerbeak (Tomy, 1984)

Neil GardnerLover of sci-fi and comedy, reader of books, Neil has worked in professional radio for 25 years, with experience of the music management, music publishing, PR and I.T. industries along the way. He is now Managing Director of Ladbroke Audio where he produces, among many other things, Doctor Who Audiobooks. In his story, Neil talks about how his passion for radio crossed over into his love of toys.

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Al Terry with Ram Man

Al Terry – Ram Man (Mattel, 1983)

Al TerryIn real life, a mild mannered locksmith and safe cracker, on the interwebs, Al Terry is better known as Fudgecrumpet, the kind of wretched, selfie­taking, thirty­something man that has an opinion about everything and occasionally uses caps lock to EMPHASISE HIS SELFRIGHTEOUSNESS. He has a blog which is steadily improving as he works out how to use the spell­checker, and from time to time, he is known to do funny pictures for The Poke, and videos on YouTube that nobody watches. He also has a beard. In his story, Al talks about the charm of a terrible toy.

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