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Moose Allain – ‘Bombardy’ (Unknown)

Moose AllainMoose is an artist, writer, cartoonist and prolific tweeter. He lives and works in Devon, England. For many years he worked in London as an architect specialising in public consultation & urban regeneration and contributed to the UK´s successful Olympic bid. He moved to the coast in 2006 to concentrate on his art and to have fun by the sea.

In this toy story Moose talks about his struggle with nostalgia and that, despite this, there is still a place for one special toy in his life.
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KT Davies – Teddy Edward ‘Big Ted’ (Unknown, 1970’s)

KTScribblesKT Davies has worked variously as an actor, a scaffolder, a teacher, and theatrical prop maker. She now writes. When she isn’t writing she can be found reading comics, playing computer games or practicing western martial arts and one day, she might get the hang of them, until then no light bulb is safe. In this guest post, she tells us about a bear who is always there for her.

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Kermit (Fisher-Price, 1977)

As a long-time lover of toys and an avid, albeit frugal, collector I have amassed quite a hodgepodge of plush, plastic and die-cast metal. Each one of these treasures speaks to me on varying levels, some hold deep rooted memories whilst others simply look cool. Over the coming weeks I would like to give you a glimpse into my collection and share these toy stories with you.

To begin with, I’m going to start at the beginning…

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